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Static Sites

  • Quick turnaround
  • Flexible and fresh design
  • Consultation on design direction
  • Fully transparent development from the ground up
Ideal if you require a small unique website to represent your business.

Shopify Setup

  • Feature rich out of the box
  • Perfect for E-Commerce
  • Large library of plugins
  • Front-end customization
  • Great for e-commerce
  • Securely managed by Shopify
Great if you're looking for a simple and secure solution to e-commerce.

Drupal 8

  • Open Source
  • Extremely powerful CMS
  • Flexible layouts and themes
  • Large community documentation
  • Extensive library of free modules
  • Great for blogs, custom sites and e-commerce
  • No license fees
Recommended to those looking for a CMS with large expansion capabilities.
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